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Why do I need a Run Coach?

You know you can do it — you have the motivation and the talent, you are self-driven and a hard-worker.  However, you have not been able to cross it off your bucket list.

On Pace Coaching is excited to offer the discipline and the academics to help you safely achieve your goals, one-on-one, in a way that targets and overcomes your specific weaknesses. Come race day, you can relax and have confidence knowing that through our journey together, you've got this! And, it's only the beginning. The reason we run coach is to share what we've learned to help others; to motivate, to inspire, and to help others realize their potential.

"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire." – St. Catherine of Siena

Why are we called On Pace Coaching?

In late 2016, Carrie was approached by the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon to help coordinate and organize the pacers for their marathon which was set for May 2017. Expecting her fifth child, Carrie followed her heart and said YES thinking she would be able to maintain balance among her personal and professional commitments.

The experience of coordinating the 60 volunteer pacers, pacing the 3:55 full marathon along with her friend Pam Schmitz, the stories from other pacers and the balance that a pacer can bring to a racer was moving. Carrie and her husband Paul committed to forming a pacer community and bringing this type of experience to other races that either struggled to coordinate a strong group of pacers or simply didn't have this as part of their race day experience.

Already an endurance run coach by a different company name, Carrie rebranded her company to be On Pace Coaching in summer of 2017 to further support the mission of what On Pace is trying to accomplish.

The core that defines Carrie is reflected in the mission of On Pace Coaching - Stride for Balance. Endurance running is a commitment that won't happen overnight. Therefore, once a goal has been set, it will affect schedules and other routines. The key in endurance running - and life in general - is to keep things in perspective and balance. May the highs not be too high, the lows not be too low. Following Carrie's coaching will provide results that are personally tailored to fit within all aspects of your life - not just your running goals. Life is a continual, daily stride for balance and On Pace Coaching exemplifies this desire.

Serenity Prayer
"Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." – Reinhold Niebuhr, Carrie's favorite prayer.

Carrie and Caroline


About Carrie


Certified Run Coach

Carrie and her husband Paul are both former college tennis players. Having learned quite a bit to share along the way, Carrie and Paul began coaching college tennis in 2003. After coaching for 13 seasons, the couple holds the winningest records at St. Norbert College for both the men's and women's tennis programs.

In much the same way, Carrie's development as an endurance runner has turned a corner and is now at a stage where she hopes to share what she's learned with others. Today she holds two certifications — she is USA Track and Field (USATF) Level 1 certified by the National Council of Accreditation of Coaching Education as well as certified by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

Former Student and Businesswoman

A graduate of St. Norbert College with a major in Business Administration and minor in Economics, Carrie excelled in athletics as a four-year member and three-year captain of the SNC women's tennis team. She began her work life utilizing her business degree, holding management positions first at Schneider and later at Kohler Company. While working full time she also earned her MBA from UW-Oshkosh. Carrie left the business world, went through formal education to be Commissioned by the Diocese of Green Bay, and became a Youth Minister for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in De Pere. She held this position for six years until the birth of the families' third child, at which point she became a stay-at-home mom.



Personal Records:
5k - 20:52
10k - 42:50
Half Marathon - 1:32:52
Marathon - 3:22:41
50 mile - 7:27:48
100 mile - 23:28:42

Avid Endurance Runner

After this shift out of the corporate world, Carrie's love for endurance running escalated. She had already run a few marathons by this time, but the refocus of perspective and time allowed her to push her personal running goals to new heights. Since then, she's developed into a far more complete runner. She's achieved new, unforgettable highs as well as lesson-learning lows in her development as an endurance athlete.

As of today, she is a veteran of over 60 full marathons (includes 12 Boston marathons), over 75 half marathons, ten 24-hour+ 200-mile team relays, and multiple 5k and 10k races. Carrie pushed her personal boundaries and completed her first 50-mile race at the Fall 50 USATF Road National Championship with a finishing time that landed her No. 41 in the US for all women. In 2015, Carrie completed her first 100-mile trail race in under 24 hours in conjunction with raising $15,000 for a non-profit organization.

In 2017, Carrie and Paul founded On Pace Race which started with organizing and leading the pace team for the 2017 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  Pacing is a selfless act of volunteerism where experienced runners run slower than they can in order to help motivate and support the racers to run faster than they ever thought possible.  Carrie has now paced over 50 races and On Pace Race is present in over 20 states with pacers hailing from all over the United States.

Carrie and Paul also race direct and own two local races in De Pere - Run De Pere and Think Spring - De Pere and have formed On Pace Events. These events help support and give back to the local community. 

Mother and Wife

At her core, Carrie strives to live a life of balance. She is a devoted wife to husband Paul for the last 20 years. Together, they are happily raising six children — Mia, Anna, Aaron, Molly, Miles and Allie. Stride for Balance — living out a day taking into account all that is important to you and putting necessary effort into each to cultivate the best results — is part of the Miller family creed. Stride for Balance applies to their relationship as husband and wife and their role as parents. Stride for Balance extend to business, faith, and in many ways, intertwines within every aspect of life.



About Caroline


Certified Run Coach

Caroline is an avid runner, but also a mother, wife, Christian, professional, and loves to help others overcome challenges. She has been running for 20 years and it started as a way to manage stress, be healthy, and have quiet time. Caroline has a husband, three children, and does most of her running in the early quiet mornings.

Being a run coach combines her major passions in life, running and helping others. Caroline loves setting goals for herself and others, creating a training plan, customizing training plans, and executing the plan to maximize success. This can only be accomplished while keeping a balance as most people have busy lives to work around. Caroline believes strongly in customizing a training plan to each individual based on their goals, supporting each client, and adjusting the plan as needed to accomplish their goals. She loves to help with all kinds of goals, whether it is a first 5K, faster marathon time, injury free running, etc. She can’t wait to help you!

Pricing Packages

What sets On Pace Coaching apart from the rest is our personal nature. We love working with local runners so you can receive a hands on, one-on-one experience. We communicate early and often and we have unlimited strategy and/or engagement sessions in certain packages. We do whatever it takes to get you across that finish line on time!

We strongly believe that running specific strength training is the perfect compliment to a runner's training plan. Strength training is an ideal tool for injury prevention and can help to improve structural weaknesses. The stronger your body is, the more resilient it is to the demands that running places on it with its repetitive movements. Running-specific strength training, along with a custom running training program will help you to become a more successful runner and reach your goals.

  • Consultation — $50/hr

    If you don't need a coach or a customized training plan, but have some questions or topics that you'd like an opinion or answer on, On Pace Coaching can help.

  • Premium Run Coaching Package — $200/month

    • Initial comprehensive face-to-face meeting and goal discussion
    • Customized weekly workouts - running and strength
    • Premium Training Peaks account
    • Mental Training
    • Form Training
    • Comprehensive race plan
    • Post-race analysis
    • Unlimited phone, email, text, Skype communication
    • One weekly run or strength routine together (if desired)
    • Proper stretching and foam rolling techniques for any specific ailments or general health
    • Dynamic warmup and cool down instruction
    • (Optional) Guidance on nutrition from Caroline Mihalski (certified in nutrition)

  • Standard Run Coaching Package — $150/month (most popular)

    • Initial comprehensive face-to-face meeting and goal discussion
    • Customized weekly workouts - running and strength
    • Premium Training Peaks account
    • Dynamic warmup and cool down instruction
    • Monthly meeting or phone call/FaceTime if out of town
    • Ability to contact coach if questions or updates via phone/text
    • Comprehensive Race Plan
    • Post Race Analysis

  • Basic Run Coaching Package — $100/month

    • Initial comprehensive face-to-face meeting and goal discussion
    • Running only customized weekly training plan
    • Basic Training Peaks account

  • Student Run Coaching Package — $100/month (middle school or high school)

    • Initial comprehensive face-to-face meeting and goal discussion
    • Customized weekly workouts - running and strength
    • Premium Training Peaks account
    • Dynamic warmup and cool down instruction
    • Form discussion
    • Monthly meeting or phone call/FaceTime if out of town
    • Ability to contact coach if questions or updates via phone/text
    • Ability to run or do strength workouts together up to two times per month (if desired)

  • Race Day Package — $500 + race entry fee + travel costs if applicable (subject to limited availability)

    • You just run, we do all of the thinking!
    • We are with you on race day every step of the way!
    • We help execute your strategy and run side-by-side with you on race day
    • We pace you and encourage you to reach your goal
    • We coach you on when and how much hydration and nutrition to take during the race
    • We provide input on what to wear based on the race day weather

    Not finding a package to suit your unique needs - Contact Carrie to set up something perfect for you!

    A 15% discount will be given to all who are a part of the Green Bay Running Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be good at running to hire On Pace?
What If I'm new to running?

We'll try and tackle both at once — there is no "pre-qualification" necessary to work with Carrie. Whether your goal is to run your first 5k or you hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon, On Pace will work with you in order to meet your objective.

Would On Pace pace me on race day?

Yes, this is a possibility! Subject to our availability and your goals. Please refer to the Race Day Package.

How does payment work?

We accept cash or check and will process the 1st of the month for the upcoming months coaching service.

Do you run with me or just tell me what to do?

Variety is the spice of life! We coach in a very personal way and sometimes that might mean we run together but usually it will be your execution of the plan that On Pace Coaching creates.

I always get hurt when I run. Can On Pace help with injury prevention?

Absolutely! We work to ensure that you are not just pounding the pavement but also strengthening your body to be ready for the demands of running and decrease your risk of injury.

Is strength training part of this program?

YES! We work to provide you all the tools you will need to stay healthy and accomplish your goals. Please refer to Pricing Packages.

I just want to run a 5k. Is that too short to have a run coach?

On Pace can help you achieve your endurance running goals on any goal from a 5K to an 100 mile ultra!

Do I have to have a race goal in mind to work with On Pace?

In a word, no. We might suggest forming a goal after getting to know each other. It's quite alright to be like a college student entering with an Undecided major. We'll figure out the direction together.


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Testimonial for On Pace Coaching

Jeremy Anderson

"Carrie is the first run coach I have had, before that I just "winged it" and was very surprised when things didn’t work out. Once I got her name we met, and immediately I knew that she would make a difference. I had run a handful of road marathons but wanted to do something different - I decided on giving trail ultras a chance! Carrie trained me through my first 50k at The North Face WI. I ran the way I was coached and it paid major dividends. After that accomplishment, I decided I would sign up for my first 100 miler at Kettle 100, but knew I would need Carrie again. Carrie had just come off an injury but she said that she wanted to be there to pace me (in addition to training me to prepare me for the race), and if she was not there by my side I would not have finished. Her positive attitude and mental grit was passed on to me and even though I sustained a pretty big injury during the race, she found a way to get me through to the finish line. Carrie is the best piece of gear you could possibly add to your running kit. "

Axel Neree

"Working with Carrie has helped me learn to enjoy running. It's a lot more fun to have something to aim for every workout. In ways, her process gamifies the workouts which keeps it both challenging and enjoyable. She even breaks a workout down into multiple steps with mini goals along the way which makes it more focused and, in the end, achievable.
As Carrie has continued to help me get better at running, the more I look forward to my workouts. In fact, I'm looking forward to a 12-mile run tomorrow and I can honestly admit I never thought I'd be able to say that."

Axel has already run a marathon in 4:37. He's hoping to beat his previous time and creep closer to 4 hour mark.

Pam Schmitz

"I've had track and cross country coaches before but no coach as personal as what Carrie did with me. She knew my goal and she designed the workouts and training plan based on those and the progress I was making along the way. It was matter-of-fact - 'You want to get here, you have to do this.' The precision and scientific approach produced results."

After completing several marathons and coming up short, Pam's goal was to qualify for the Boston marathon - she needed about a 3:32 to ensure entry. After training with Carrie for five months, Pam ran a 3:30 at the Minocqua "no frills" marathon and exceeded her goal. She went on to run Boston the following year and realize her dream.

Andrew Winters

"I wouldn't have made my goals without Carrie and now I'm three weeks away from accomplishing my goals. For instance, I injured my knee in training and Carrie encouraged me to take two weeks off to rest. Without her guidance, I would have just continued to keep running and in doing so, probably done more harm than good.
Carrie has also helped me learn how to think more when I run. In my past two marathons, the adrenaline of the day would get the better of me and I would take off too fast at the beginning and then struggle in the second half. With more analytical practice patterns keeping my paces in balance throughout the race, I have gas in the tank at the end.
I can't thank Carrie enough for helping me achieve my goal on race day.  With her plan I was able to finally break the 4hr barrier and set a new PR with ease.  She had me physically prepared and gave me the strategy to succeed.  I now have a life-long memory I'm going to look back on with pride, and I know I couldn't have done it without Carrie's help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Andrew Winters was attempting to complete his third marathon and first one under 4:00 on April 25th.

Shelly Hendricks

"As a mom of three small kids it's difficult to find 'me' time, but with Carrie she has been so responsive, supportive and encouraging that it’s helped me find time to run and be a better runner. From everything as simple as motivating me to get the first couple miles under my belt to providing stretches when muscles were starting to ache, Carrie has helped me get back to running and continue to grow. I really don't think I would have gotten back into running without Carrie. I’m glad that I can work with somebody that realizes that a casual runner is just as important as a hardcore runner."

Contact Carrie

  • (920) 309-2444
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • CarrieLMiller99@gmail.com

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